Volume 2023 · Issue 2


Swelling that doesn't resolve overnight may be the first symptom of lymphedema

There can be up to 5-10 pounds of excess fluid buildup before the initial observation of pitting edema. Patients may have lymphedema even before Stemmer's sign is positive. Lymphedema needs to be diagnosed and treated early. Lymphedema by overload or damage to the lymphatic system

Stage O: latency stage. A subclinical state where swelling is not evident despite impaired lymph transport. Reversible

Stage 1: mild stage. Swelling becomes visible but reduces at night and with elevation. Reversible

Stage 2: moderate stage. Swelling does not go away with elevation. Skin changes may be present. Spontaneously irreversible

Stage 3: lymphostatic elephantiasis. (Severe Stage) Swelling takes on an abnormal shape and causes deformity. Significant difficulty with mobility. Skin changes present. Irreversible

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