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Legal liability for registered nurses in wound care: nutrition

In the US, litigation for wound care and pressure injury is on the rise.

Protein: A key nutrient to wound healing

Protein is made from amino acids, which can be made by the body or consumed through food.

Five rules for wound healing

Cells and enzymes function best at normal body temperature. A temperature drop (cooling) of 2° C is sufficient to affect the biological and healing process of a wound..

Top 12 must-have topical wound dressings

90% water in a gel base. Useful for adding moisture to the wound bed, softening/debriding necrotic tissue and for maintaining a moist wound bed..

Malnutrition: Screening and Assessment Resources

Mini Nutrition Assessment MNA® (MNA®-SF) .

Use of a bacterial fluorescence imaging system to target wound debridement and accelerate healing: a pilot study

A total of 11 patients (six women, five men) were assessed over a 12-week period. Of these, six patients completed the 12-week assessment; three patients were lost to follow-up and two patients...

Wound infections: an overview

Due to the natural flora of microbes which live on the skin, the majority of wounds will naturally become colonised with microorganisms. However, when these microbes migrate deeper into the wound bed...

Multicomponent compression system use in patients with chronic venous insufficiency: a real-life prospective study

Real-life data on the treatment of patients with CVI are still quite scarce in the literature, notably regarding the compression treatment of venous oedema, or patients' perception and acceptability...

Defying hard-to-heal wounds with an early antibiofilm intervention strategy: ‘wound hygiene’

This article summarises discussions of nine experts at an Advisory Board Meeting held in March 2019 in London. In addition, feedback from two further experts (JA and MT) were provided via separate...

Rethinking resistance: How antibiotics are evolving

Antimicrobial resistance has been highlighted as one of the greatest current threats to humanity.